Our Amazon Finds

Shop our favorite items on Amazon that we don't carry ourselves!

3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Meter:


This is the one tool every plant parent should own. It will literally change your life! It is am must for all types of plants. You will know exactly when your plants need to be watered. You can also gauge light and pH with this meter.


Humidity Gauge & Thermometer


I love to have accurate readings of my temperature and humidity. This allows me to discover exactly what humidity levels are in a certain area. Use this all around your plants for an instant reading.


Black Magic 45W LED Grow Light


This is by far one of the easiest grow lights on the market. You can either use the legs to stand it up, or you can have it from the ceiling with the included hangers. This grow light allows me to grow the most vibrant houseplants. I can even keep succulents alive with it!


HuPro: Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier


This humidifier is going to make your plants so happy! With a large tank, you won't have to refill it as often. Having a warm mist option allows for the humidity percentage to rise rapidly. Remote control makes this device easy to use no matter where it's located in your room. A MUST HAVE!


360 Mister Spray Bottle


I've talked about the 360 mister so many times! It was previously a hairstylists' staple, but now it's in the plant arsenal. It creates an ultra fine mist that doesn't build up on your plants as easily. Not only does it create an amazing mist, it is therapeutic to spray. I'm not kidding at all. Just make sure to fill with distilled water to prevent mildew.


Seedling Heat Mat and Digital Thermostat Combo Set:


Midwest winters can be a killer, so I love this heat mat. It works great to help keep plants warm, encourage strong root growth, dry out overly wet soil, and grow cuttings. This mat will help get your plants through the colder months.


Bonide Neem Oil Spray


Neem oil is the king of pesticides! This concentrate works amazing for fungus gnats, spider mites, thrips, scale, and most other common pests. Just mix with water and it's ready to go.


Mosquito Bits: Fungus Gnat Control


Got gnats? Not anymore. Mosquito bits are a great way to kill the larvae in the soil. Either infuse your water during waterings or sprinkle on the soil. The bacteria in these bits will kick those gnats to the curb!


SUPERthrive: Plant Vitamin Solution


Use SUPERthrive to help plants adjust to replanting, propogating, adding nutrients to water, just about anything! I love mixing this with water to spray onto my spaghnum moss cuttings.


Midas Rooting Hormone


Rooting hormone will help your cuttings FLOURISH! Simply dipping the node into this will make those roots come in so fast. I use rooting hormone everytime I make a cutting, regardless of what medium I'm using.


Houseplant Sticky Traps


Are gnats getting to you, but you're not ready to commit to a carnivorous plant? Get these yellow sticky traps. They're perfect to get those gnats trapped and away from your face.


Katchy: UV Gnat Trap


The final frontier in gnat killing! This machine is a great investment especially if you have a lot of plants. It'll attract and suck up gnats and pests.


Fox Farm: Liquid Plant Food Big Bloom


This is my favorite fertilizer! It is a mix a bat poop and worm castings. Totally disgusting, but totally worth it. Just mix into your water every 2-3 waterings in the spring and summer.