About Us

Hey guys!

It's still wild to say out loud, but welcome to Monstera Plant Co! We're here to share our love for all things green and creative. To do this, we'll be sharing our best house plant tips and tricks in our A-Z plant guide, help you cultivate your own space filled with plants that work for you, and find art pieces to do that whole "spark joy" thing Marie Kondo talks about. This space was developed with the purpose to allow individuals around the world to come together to share their passion, ask questions, and have fun growing together.


If you want to join this crazy leafy life journey; while discovering independent artists, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to join events, grab discounts, and spread roots with us. Thanks for being awesome! We know you're going to feel right at home.


Brandon Bennett

Hi, I'm Brandon! You might know me in real life, from my Tik Tok, or you're just getting to know me for the first time. Either way, I'm excited to help you connect to your inner gardener and create the space of your dreams. Living a plant forward life has helped me in unimaginable ways. I want to spread that joy to as many people as possible, so I cannot wait to bring Monstera Plant Co. to the world! As the resident houseplant expert, I'm here for any of your planty needs! Head over to my socials below to learn more!

Instagram: @br_anaconda
Tik Tok: @br_anaconda

Samantha Paige

Hi, I'm Samantha! If you're a soon to be plant parent, independent art enthusiast, or just looking to join a leafy, artistic circle; I'm glad you're here! Growing up I spent countless hours in my Grandma's greenhouse being surrounded by plants, the aroma of fresh soil, and a community of people who shared the same love for plants. Outside of playing in dirt I spent all my free time doodling, creating, and imagining. I'm so excited to have a collective space of my two life long passions to share with go-getters from all around the world! Don't be shy, feel free to drop a message in the chat button, so I can welcome you to the Monstera community!  

Instagram: @samanthapaige_____

Our Store

Make sure to follow us for updates on our brick and mortar location coming soon in Minneapolis, Minnesota.