Tradescantia are a very popular plant indoor and outdoor. Most varieties have striking pink and purple variegation. They are relatively easy to maintain, and are great for people who have a lot of light. These Central American plants will show their true colors when given enough light.


Easy Care Facts:


Tradescantia love bright indirect light. The more light they get, the pinker or more purple they will become. It is easy to tell when they need more light, as they'll become mostly green. They will suffer under low light conditions.



Tradescantia tend to be thirsty plants! They like to stay somewhat moist during the growing season, and can be watered once the top inch of soil is dry. I find that mine tend to suck up all their water pretty immediately. Yellowing leaves tend to mean overwatering.


Utilize fertilizer Spring-Fall (local weather depending). Fertilize about once per month using a high quality fertilizer at half recommending strength.


Tradescantia do appreciate a higher humidity if possible. Humidifier or misting frequently is recommended.


The ideal temperature in the day is 65-80 degrees F.


Tradescantia are mildly toxic when ingested.

Tradescantia Foliage

Tips and Tricks

Southern Blight:

Tradescantias are a plant that is can be affected by a lesser known disease in the houseplant world: southern blight. This disease is caused by a bacteria that thrives in hot, humid environments. It causes stem collapse in the plant. Although it mostly affects outdoor plants, tradescantia can be exposed due to it being an indoor/outdoor varietal.


Tradescantia tend to be quick growing plants. Repot in the spring with a pot 1-2 inches larger than the previous pot. Use a well draining soil mix that won't hold excess water to prevent root rot.


Propagating tradscantia is very easy. Just snip off sections of stem with a few leaves, and put in water or soil. They can grow roots within a week!

Tradescantia Propagation in Water