Ponytail Palm

New to being a plant parent? Busy plant parent? The Ponytail Palm is a good starting place due to requiring very little care. drought tolerant, slow-growing, and requires very little care, and can go awhile between waterings. 


Easy Care Facts:


Technically the Ponytail Palm is a succulent, so its best to let the soil stay dry. Seriously its okay to only water your Ponytail Palm maybe once every 2-3 weeks! In the winter it can go even longer between waterings. 


This plant will be happy in nearly any type of light. In the warmer months, when the Ponytail Palm is growing more, give this plant bright direct light. When its cooler outside, there is less growth so its okay to place the Ponytail Palm in any type of light. 


It is suggested to use a humidifier or pebble try to maintain a little bit higher level of humidity to promote healthy foliage. 


normal room temperatures between 60-80 degrees; keep away from cold drafts 


For best results, use a general houseplant fertilizer only once in the spring and once in the summer. Any more than that and your Pigtail Palm may develop brown tips on the leaves.


Your Palm is non-toxic to humans and pets. 

Tricks and Tips:

Your Pigtail Palm could end up with having darker or browned tips of its leaves. Take a scissors and cut off the discolored tip to keep it looking healthy and fresh!