Your Fittonia can tolerate a range of lighting conditions and like to be kept moist. Fittonias will thrive in a terrarium due to high moisture levels! They have a unique compact size combined with a striking leaf pattern. 


Easy Care Facts:


bright, indirect light

Lower light can cause it to lose some of its vibrant color and growth will slow, but direct, full light can damage the leaves. 


With this plant, don't be shy with the humidity. Add water when only a quarter of the soil is dry. The leaves will start to droop when it needs water, and will perk up once watered.


Add fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength about every four weeks during the warm months of the year. 


Fittonias will thrive in high humidity. Place a humidifier near or use a pebble tray. It is suggested to place near other high humidity loving plants near each other to create a micro-climate that they grown in naturally. 


average room temperatures between 65-80 degrees; avoid cold drafts & heat vents


FIttonia are non-toxic to your pets.