Bromeliads have been around for 65 million years! These gorgeous plants originated in the Andes Mountains in Uruguay, and have spread across South America and to homes around the world. The Aztec, Mayans, and Incas used them as food stuffs, textiles, and ceremonies. One of the 2800 species will make a tropical addition to your home.


Easy Care Facts:


Bromeliads prefer medium to bright indirect light. They will slow their growth without enough light. 


Unlike regular plants, instead of watering the soil, you will water the center of the plant. Keep the water reservoir in the center filled at all times about halfway. Every few weeks drain the water and refresh to avoid buildup of minerals. Utilize rainwater or distilled water if possible. Leave tap water out overnight for minerals to evaporate.


Utilize fertilizer Spring-Fall (local weather depending). Fertilize twice a month using a foliar fertilizer spray. Bromeliads also absorb nutrients through their foliage instead of through the root system.


Bromeliads do prefer a spot with high humidity. Mist regularly or utilize a humidifier.


The ideal temperature in the day is 65-85 degrees. 


Bromeliads are non-toxic to pets and people, although some may cause skin irritation to those who are sensitive. 

Bromeliad Flowering

Tips and Tricks


Bromeliads will shoot out pups around the mother plant. Bromeliads have a short life cycle, and the mother plant will die off to be replaced by the pups. You can cut out the pups or leave them in the same pot.