Syngonium or the arrowhead plant is native to Central and South Americas. This plant is a great option as a low-maintenance plant which will develop vining tendencies when it gets larger which allows it to utilize moss poles or trellises. 


Easy Care Facts:


Syngonium prefer bright indirect light, but can handle medium light conditions as well. They will grow faster with more light, but will burn if exposed to direct light. 


Syngonium prefer to dry out between watering. Water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Water less during winter.


Utilize fertilizer Spring-Fall (local weather depending). Fertilize about once every other month using a high quality fertilizer at half strength. 


Syngonium do prefer higher humidity. Utilize a humidifier especially in the winter to increase humidity. 


The ideal temperature in the day is 65-75 degrees. 


Syngonium are toxic to people and pets. Be careful when pruning because the sap can be irritating. 

Tips and Tricks


Syngonium have extensive root systems that can cause the plant to be invasive in the wild, so you will have to repot occasionally. Divide the plant by the roots to easily propagate.