Aloe are the definition of function and foliage. These plants are known for their healing properties in their sap. These succulents are thick, spiny leaves and can bloom with brightly colored flowers in the right conditions. They are great high light, low water options.


Easy Care Facts:


Aloe love bright direct light. Put them right in a windowsill or under a grow light. They will struggle when not given copious amounts of direct light.


Aloe are a low water plant. They can completely dry out in the winter, and during the growing season you can water a little more frequently. Usually around every other week. 


Utilize fertilizer Spring-Fall (local weather depending). Fertilize about once every other month using a high quality fertilizer at half strength. 


Aloe do not require high humidity, and thrive in dry climates.


The ideal temperature in the day is 65-75 degrees. 


Although aloe do have healing properties, they are still considered moderately toxic. Keep pets away.


Tips and Tricks


Aloe will create "pups" or smaller plant offspring. Once one of these pups have grown large enough to sustain themselves, you can use it to make a new plant. Once a pup has grown away from the mother plant, it should have a complete root system ready to go. Cut the pup off with a sharp knife. You can then pop them into some cactus or succulent soil.