Aglaonema are a beautiful plant with slash patterned leaves and vibrant colors. They're commonly sold as house and office plants as they can handle many lighting conditions as well as a bit of neglect. They hail from various tropical countries of South Asia. There are hundreds of varieties, but you can find many locally as they've become a popular plant worldwide.


Easy Care Facts:


Aglaonema love bright light. Putting them in bright indirect light, but they can handle direct light from the East. They can burn if given too much direct sunlight. On the flip side, they can handle low light situations as well. Making them perfect additions to any space including the office!


Water frequently in the spring in summer, as Chinese Evergreen like to stay moist during the growing season. But in the colder months, allow the soil to dry before the next watering.


Utilize fertilizer Spring-Fall (local weather depending). Fertilize about once per month using a high quality fertilizer.


Aglaonema do not require higher humidity, although they will produce better growth when given a more humid environment. You can mist to increase humidity.


The ideal temperature in the day is 60-70 degrees. Avoid drafts.


Philodendrons' leaves are toxic to humans and pets. Typical reactions include stomach ache and vomiting.


Tips and Tricks


Aglaonemas don't require too much care, but you may need to prune occasionally. Trim off any dead leaves as close to the stem as possible. They may also develop a flowering bud. Nip the bud as close to the stem as possible. By not allowing it to develop a flower, you will increase the longevity by not allow it to waste energy developing a flower. 


Aglaonemas can be repotted less often than most plants. Aim for every two years. If you want, you can divide the plant when repotting, or just simply plant it into a larger pot.